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Choreographic work of contemporary dance

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This project, still under development, was born with the intention of spreading the story of Binario 21, the place around which the project of the Shoah Memorial in Milan was developed, investigating two important themes: indifference and memory. Inside the Memorial there are in fact two installations - the Wall of Indifference and the Wall of Names - that highlight the weight of one and the importance of remembering the other. It consists of the only memorial in Europe to arise on the site where the Nazi deportations occurred. It is located under the Milano Centrale Railway Station, at street level; this is because the station was not only created to have numerous platforms on the surface, but as many "underground" that were once dedicated to the transport of mail. From these tracks, hidden from the city by a wall on which Liliana Segre will later have the word indifference engraved, between September 6, 1943 and January 15, 1945, SS and republicans deported Jews and political prisoners from Binario 21 towards the Nazi concentration and extermination camps. Liliana herself left here with her father, and was among the very few people to return and bear witness to the experience, hers and that of millions of human beings.


Our purpose is both to commemorate the victims of concentration camps and to make people reflect on the value of memory. Remembering allows us to fight indifference and try not to commit anymore not only the atrocious actions that have marked history, but also those almost invisible acts of violence that we can find in everyday life.


Concept: Matteo Mascolo e Bianca Pasquinelli

Choreographer: Matteo Mascolo

Historical researcher:: Bianca Pasquinelli

Time: 15' minutes

Dancers: Giada Biglieri, Costanza Costantini, Letizia Ferrario, Andreea Elena Gabara, Chiara Riva, Giulia Zandarin.

Binario 21
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