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Choreographic work of contemporary dance

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Every day we get closer and move away from our equilibrium point, physically and emotionally. We swing between a fall and a recovery, two movements opposed to each other like earth and air. Everything that exists in between happens in waves: thoughts, days and nights, seasons, lunar cycles, inner demons, moments of happiness. All things in the universe dance in a cyclical natural disorder.

This pièce is a container, that wave after wave is filled with movements predetermined and Apollonian, but also disordered, improvised and Dionysian. It is an exploration of the Humphrey-Limón technique and some of its principles, like fall and recovery: the ability to oscillate between an abandonment and a resistance to gravity. Each principle of the technique is used as a basis to research a personal movement.


Movement happens in waves contains a small tribute to César Manrique created during my stay on the island of Lanzarote.


Choreographer/dancer: Matteo Mascolo

Time: 15' minutes

Performance: Festival Suelo y Aire 2021, Cicatrici 2021 - Triennale Milano.

"La Città" articolo di giornale: Chi siamo
Movement Happens in Waves
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