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Choreographic work of contemporary dance

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In the twenty years between 1908 and 1928, Wassily Kandinsky, considered one of the pioneers and fathers of abstractism, contributed more than any other contemporary painter did to a new idea of dance, making it an integral part of his vision for the future of art. His theoretical formulations on dance and movement are present in numerous of his writings, including the famous book Concerning the spiritual in art (1911). He felt the need for a new dance, the dance of the future. One of Kandinsky’s central goals, in fact, was the research of a dance no longer based on conventional beauty, but on abstractism and the inner meaning of motion.

This contemporary dance pièce explores the philosophy of Kandinsky through the painting Auf Spitzen (On the points, 1928) which, when first looking at the painting unfolds before our eyes in an orchestra of arrows and geometric shapes. There is a feeling of a gravitational force and another force opposing it. Every detail leads the existence of being to the same starting point: Kandinsky's inner necessity principle.

Rubric is a pièce takes its name from the homonymous music track by Philip Glass, the one that most inspired us to create. The set of musical instruments strongly reminded us of the complex of geometric shapes featured in the painting, bringing us back to the synesthesia through which Kandinsky created some of his works. In fact, to each color and shape, he associated the sound of a musical instrument and vice versa. Among the different meanings of the term rubric, there is also "abstract sign with which the signature is personalized". And this is precisely the meaning to which the pièce refers, expanding it to the way artists sign life with their art


Choreographers: Matteo Mascolo & Reinier Alfonso

Dancers: Reinier Alfonso & Diego Rueda Vizcaíno
Historical researcher: Bianca Pasquinelli

Time:: 12' minutes

Performance: XXI Festival de danza Canarios Dentro y Fuera 2022, Festival Suelo y Aire 2024.

"La Città" articolo di giornale: Chi siamo
Rubric, Matteo Mascolo, Reinier Alfonso.
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