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Choreographic work of contemporary dance

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When we enter a forest we can easily sense that something is hidden from our ability to observe and understand. We feel that it exists but we cannot grasp it. Sequoia wants to investigate this “something”: a space that human beings discover in themselves and in the universe through trees, woods and forests.

It is an unknown space, or maybe forgotten, illegible by the mind and human rationality. In fact, it is possible to access it only through the state of no-mind, accepting not to know and abandoning the need to define. 

Inspired by the millennial presence of the Sequoias, I let the dancers become trees to impersonate the primordial secrets of nature, without the aim of revealing anything, but to contemplate with the spectator the mysteries hidden in the silence of the forest.


Curbing deforestation, planting or taking care of trees, has a significant impact on our planet and the reforestation of human sensitivity.


Author and choreographer: Matteo Mascolo

Dancers: Gabriella Argirò, Chiara Esposito.

Time: 12' minutes

Music: Bartholomäus Traubeck

Supported by: Sala Nera, Tempio del Futuro Perduto.

Performance: DAP Festival 2024, Pratiche Parallele 2024.

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