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Dancer, choreographer and Cuban teacher, he graduated from the Escuela Nacional de Danza of La Habana, Cuba. He has an extensive experience, both in the artistic and pedagogical field, acquired from the prestigious companies and schools to which he belonged in Cuba: Academia de las Artes Vicentina De la Torre, Ballet Folklórico de Camagüey, Ballet Clásico de Camagüey and Ballet Contemporáneo En Dedans. In Spain he worked as dancer, teacher and stage manager at the Madrid Chamber Ballet, a company belonging to the Cátedra de Danza Alicia Alonso de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos. He has been part of the casts of renowned musical and opera companies. Reinier currently is also dedicated to dance pedagogy and contemporary creation. 

Chi è Matteo Mascolo?: Chi siamo
Chi è Matteo Mascolo?: Novità e aggiornamenti
Chi è Matteo Mascolo?: Benvenuti
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